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Aspire Leaders Program 2023 | Fully Funded | Leadership Program

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The Aspire Leaders Program 2023 is a leadership development program founded by Harvard Business School professors with the goal of transforming the lives of underserved youth and empowering them to influence their communities.

The Aspire Leaders Program 2023 is a leadership development program founded by Harvard Business School professors with the goal of transforming the lives of underserved youth around the world and empowering them to influence their communities. Applications for the Aspire Leaders Program 2023 are now being accepted.

The Aspire Leaders Program invites emerging young leaders to take advantage of this opportunity to represent their culture to other fellows around the world while also gaining access to life-changing grants and educational opportunities. The mission of Aspire’s leadership program is to change the lives of young adults who are currently underserved by providing leadership development programs that develop leaders of tomorrow and have a positive impact in their communities.

The Aspire Institute, founded at Harvard University, launched the Aspire Program for future leaders. This multidisciplinary and extensive curriculum has been curated by Harvard faculty. Finalists will meet a hardworking, diverse, and talented group of future leaders from various continents and intellectual interests. This leadership program is designed for students who have faced social and financial adversity. Participants interact with a global and scholarly community as they grapple with issues of identity, ethics, technology, and structural change through this global and scholarly community.

Harvard aspires to transform the lives of underprivileged youth around the world and to empower them to create difference in their communities. Young leaders can take advantage of this opportunity to build their culture among peers all over the world while also gaining access to life-changing networks, funds, and educational opportunities. Your leadership journey will be aided by Aspire Institute’s leadership development training program. The Aspire alumni network is made up of people from all over the world. Membership in this group gives you access to a variety of association networks.

Aspiring students will participate in cross-cutting and shared leadership development experiences. Students will have access to self-assessment tools, Harvard course materials that are fully funded, and live seminars with excellent educators. This Aspiring Leaders Program will allow for the exploration and development of collaboration across various service areas. The fully funded training program is intended to be innovative, novel, and forward-thinking. It will prompt you to consider what high impact and concerted leadership entail for you, as well as what it takes to make decisions and engage effectively. Working with other leaders from around the world can stretch and challenge your perspective on and performance in your leadership role. The opportunity is to investigate and apply creative thinking tools. The final application deadline is in April 19, 2023.

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Details about the Online Leadership Program

Country: Online

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Deadline: April 19, 2023

Eligibility Criteria

Are you considering applying for the leadership program? Before you start the application, make sure to check the criteria. Eligibility criteria for the Aspire Leaders Program are provided below.

Eligibility Criteria for the Aspire Leaders Program

  • Candidates must be 18-26 years (some exceptions apply).
  • Candidates should be from low-income backgrounds.
  • They must be first-generation to college (parents/primary caregivers did not complete a bachelor’s degree).
  • Candidates currently enrolled in an undergraduate program or recent graduates can apply.
  • Candidates whose education is disrupted by armed conflict or a natural disaster (i.e., refugee students) can also apply.

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Talent exists among youth around the World. Through this program, uncover your potential or inspire others to learn more. First, check what financial coverage this scholarship offers and the benefits students will receive. Opportunities circle has listed them below.

Aspire leadership program Benefits

  • A global network of peers and young change-makers.
  • Fully funded Harvard certificate.
  • Seminars with Harvard faculty and world-class educators.
  • Mentorship and networking.
  • Fellows may receive community impact grants.
  • Academic and professional grants.
  • Machine-learning-based skills assessment and recommendations for improvement.
  • Access to an online leadership course for free.
  • Live, interactive sessions featuring world-class educators from Harvard and leading institutions worldwide from various disciplinary backgrounds.

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How To Application Aspire Leaders Program

  • The application process is online.
  • Visit the link below for application details.
  • The final application deadline for the Aspire Leaders Program 2023 is 19 April 2023.

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