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Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2023 In Thailand | Apply Now

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Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2023-2024 are fully funded scholarships for international students that covers 100% of tuition fees and a monthly stipend and accommodation in the amount of 16.000 Baht.

Chulalongkorn University Scholarships are now available in Thailand. Chulalongkorn University admits students from all over the world to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree. Chulalongkorn University is a world-class public university located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Times Higher Education Emerging Economies Index places it at 126. The Chulalongkorn University Scholarships allows international students to receive free higher education in Thailand. This Chulalongkorn University Scholarships honors hardworking students who have achieved great academic success and aspire to be the best in their fields.

The fully-funded scholarship is awarded to academically brilliant and promising students worldwide. The following are some examples of upcoming events. As a result, Chulalongkorn University has become a cultural exchange hub in Thailand. The students will attend Thailand’s top research university thanks to this fully funded scholarship. Chula University is the only Thai member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. The majority of the time, this means that the majority of the time, you will not be able to eat. The scholarships for international students will also cover the costs of studying in Thailand for free. The duration of the award is two years for a master’s degree and three years for a doctorate.

Chulalongkorn University was founded in 1917 and is Thailand’s national and oldest university. King Chulalongkorn founded the university in the early twentieth century. Since then, the institute has been well-known in Thailand for its research capabilities and top faculty. It is a national research university that is supported by Thailand’s office of national education standards and quality assessment. It provides an improved opportunity for international students to begin their studies in Thailand. Thailand’s office of national education standards and quality assessment supports the university. The following are the results of a survey conducted by the University of California. Students will enjoy their time at this university. Students with strong backgrounds and talent can now polish and further their education.

Chulalongkorn University is a reputable Thai institution that strongly encourages networking with foreign countries and the spread of Thai culture. Students who attend this prestigious university will have the opportunity to explore and comprehend Thailand’s diverse culture, as well as benefit from its cutting-edge facilities and research capabilities. Chulalongkorn University provides numerous opportunities for courageous students who want to broaden their perspective of the world beyond their own. Its illustrious history and ideology provide students with invaluable academic knowledge as well as a newfound appreciation for global cultures.

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1)The term of the scholarship can’t be extended
2)Recipients of the scholarships are not allowed to defer the period of the scholarship acceptance once the scholarship has been granted by the University.
3)Recipients are not allowed to accept any off-campus employment in Thailand during the term of the scholarship.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): Chulalongkorn University
  • Study in: Thailand
  • Program Period: 2 years for Masters Degree, 3 years for Doctoral Degree.
  • Deadline: Click here to view the program specific deadline.

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Opportunity Focus Areas

  • Architectural Design
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration (Flexible MBA)
  • Business Administration (SCE)
  • Business and Managerial Economics (MABE)
  • Business Law, Clinical Sciences
  • Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)
  • Cultural Management (MACM), Engineering Management (CUSE)
  • English as an International Language (EIL)
  • Environment, Development, and Sustainability (EDS)
  • Esthetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry
  • European Studies (MAEUS)
  • Finance (MSF)
  • Financial Engineering (MFE)
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Georesources and Petroleum Engineering
  • Geriatric Dentistry and Special Patients Care
  • Governance (MAG)
  • Hazardous Substance and Environmental Management (IP-HSM)
  • Health Development
  • Health Economics and Health Care Management (MS Health)
  • Human Resource Management (Diploma Degree) (HRM)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Information Studies, International Business Management (MM)
  • International Development Studies (MAIDS)
  • International Economics and Finance (MAIEF)
  • Korean Studies
  • Labour Economics and Human Resource Management (MAHR)
  • Medical Sciences, Microbiology and Microbial Technology
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Oral Biology
  • Petrochemical Technology
  • Petroleum and Energy Technology
  • Petroleum Geoscience
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Polymer Science
  • Public
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Social and Administrative
  • Southeast Asian Studies
  • Strategic Communication Management
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • Thai Studies
  • Urban strategies and Veterinary Science and Technology

Chulalongkorn University Scholarships Coverage

Bangkok Government Scholarships provide the recipient with the following benefits:

  • Provisions of the Scholarships:
  • The scholarships will cover the following:
  • An economy class, round-trip ticket, as actually paid. It should also be noted that
    1.1 For students from ASEAN, the airfare of each leg of the trip must not exceed 8,500 Baht;
    1.2 For students from Asian countries, the airfare of each leg of the trip must not exceed
    12,000 Baht;
    1.3 For students from Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as Africa, the airfare
    of each leg must not exceed 20,000 Baht;
    1.4 For students from North and South America, the airfare of each leg must not exceed
    30,000 Baht.
    2.Tuition fees (tuition fees for the faculty/special fees charged by the Faculty or the Programme
    of the students’ choice are excluded. Advanced arrangement between the students and the
    Faculty/Programme is needed).
  • A monthly stipend and accommodation in the amount of 16,000 Baht.

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Eligibility Criteria for Chulalongkorn University Scholarships

To be eligible for Chulalongkorn University Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • It should be noted that students from ASEAN or Non-ASEAN countries, who have been studying in any programme at Chulalongkorn University for more than one semester, are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Applicants must have obtained a grade point average of not lower than 2.75 for their undergraduate studies and not lower than 3.25 for their graduate studies.
  • A minimum TOEFL score of 500 or 173 computer-based and IELTS score of 5.0 is required.
  • Applicant must be not over 35 years of age.
  • Faculty members and researchers and academic stuff, who will return to teach/ work at their home universities after graduation from Chulalongkorn University are preferred.

How to Apply for Chulalongkorn University Scholarships?

Please follow below steps to avail this scholarship:

(1) Choose the international program Click Here

(2) Download and fill the application form Click Here

(3) Applicants must send the completed application form and relevant documents directly to the faculty/programme of their choice before the deadline set by the university’s office of academic affairs.

(4) Applicants must be screened and recruited by the faculty/ programme of their choice before their names are forward to the office of academic affairs, Chulalongkorn University.

(5) All relevant application documents which have been screened by the faculty/ programme must arrive at the office of academic affairs before deadline.

(6) Announcement of succeed applicants at

Documents Required 

  • Applicant must have completed a Bachelors degree or a Masters degree in a field related to the field for which they are applying. A degree certificate must be submitted with their application.
  • An academic transcript issued by the last academic institution that the applicant attended.An official academic transcript must be submitted with their application.
  • A completed application form with 1-inch photograph attached.
  • CV / Resume
  • Valid passport
  • Recommendation letter/Reference Letter: Two letters of recommendation from the head, the director or the dean of the institution of the applicant’s affiliation or from the applicant’s superiors.
  • Medical report: A medical certificate confirming a physical examination in a hospital in the applicant’s home country.

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