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Italy 80000 Work Permits in 2023 For Foreigners (Decreto Flussi)

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Good news is on its way to the media and the internet. The Italian government will issue 80000 work permits to foreigners in 2023. This is an excellent time and opportunity to relocate to Italy and begin working there.

Good news is on its way to the media and the internet. The Italian government will issue 80000 work permits to foreigners in 2023. All of these permits are available for application online from March 27 to December 31, 2023. The sooner you apply, the sooner your application will be reviewed. The Italian government is facing a labor shortage. Every year, Italy opens its borders to meet labor shortages in specific industries.

This work permit is known as “Decreto Flussi.” Seasonal workers, agriculture, tourism, the hotel industry, and other sectors are all included. More than half of those, 44,000, are designated for seasonal work, with the remaining 38,705 designated for non-seasonal and self-employment reasons. This is is the right time and right opportunity to move to Italy and start work in Italy. Looking to work in Italy in the year 2023? This is the permit you’re looking for! More details are given below.

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Details About Italy 80000 Work Permits in 2023 (Decreto Flussi 2023)

  • Country: Italy
  • Type of Opportunity: Job/Work Permit
  • Work Permit Name: Decreto Flussi
  • Nationality: Open to all countries

The Italian authorities have announced to increase in the work permit quota for foreign unskilled workers to fill the labor shortage gap in Italy.

Timeline (Decreto Flussi opening Date)

The online applications for the Italy work permit for 2023 will start on 27th March 2023 and will close on 31st December 2023.

Total Quota for (2023) 82,705

  • Seasonal Work Visas: 44,000
  • Other Sectors/Non-Seasonal: 38,705

Non Seasonal Work Sectors

  • Road haulage of goods for third parties
  • Building
  • Tourist/hotel
  • Mechanics
  • Telecommunications
  • Food
  • Shipbuilding

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Who can Apply For Italy 80000 Work Permits?

Luckily Pakistan and India are on the list this year in Decreto Flussi 2023.

Albania, * Algeria, * Bangladesh, * Bosnia and Herzegovina, * Korea (Republic of Korea), * Ivory Coast, * Egypt, * El Salvador, * Ethiopia, * Philippines, * Gambia, * Georgia, * Ghana, * Japan, * Guatemala, * India, * Kosovo, * Mali, * Morocco, * Mauritius, * Moldova, * Montenegro, * Niger, * Nigeria, * Pakistan, * the Peru’ Republic of North Macedonia, * Senegal, * Serbia, * Sri Lanka, * Sudan, * Tunisia, * Ukraine and many other countries.

Italy Work Permit Processing time

The Italian authorities have made some changes and made the process fast.

  • The work permit will be issued within 30 days.
  • A visa will be issued within 20 days.
  • A work permit will be automatically sent to the Embassy/consulate in your country.

Required Documents while Applying for the Italy 80000 Work Permits

  • Valid passport of the foreign worker
  • Valid identity card or passport of the employer in Italy.
  • Certificate of housing suitability and residence address in Italy of the worker
  • €16 revenue stamp
  • Employment contract, a current number of employees of the company.
  • Employer delegation and authorization (privacy)
  • Chamber of Commerce certificate.
  • DURC (single contribution regularity document)
  • UNICO 2021 form (employer’s tax return);
  • Financial statements for the year 2021 of the company/enterprise;
  • Employer contacts (telephone number, employer email, VAT number, pec address, etc.)
  • Indication of the Consulate of the country of origin where the entry visa will be requested.

Find a Job in Italy

There are many reputable Job websites from where you can find a Job and work in Italy as international if you are applying from outside Italy. The List of the Job websites for Itlay:

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How to Apply For Italy 80000 Work Permits

The online applications for Decreto Flussi 2023 Italy Work Permit will start on 27th March 2023. Before filling out the online application for a work permit you have to complete these four steps:

  • Find a Job/ employer in Italy.
  • Creating an EU Style CV:
  • Employer will apply online for work permission
  • Work permit approval.
  • Apply for a visa in the home country at VFS global.

Conclusion: The information provided in this video is for general purposes. Always search on the Internet about the Opportunity. If you need legal advice please seek appropriate legal help. The name of this Work Visa is (Decreto Flussi).

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