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List of Scholarships in 2023 (Without IELTS & With IELTS)

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Good day, everyone. We have created an exciting List of Scholarships in 2023. (Without IELTS & With IELTS). It is worthwhile to apply for the Fully Funded scholarship programs that no longer require an IELTS score.

Good day, everyone. We have created an exciting List of Scholarships in 2023. (Without IELTS & With IELTS). These are fully funded scholarships for international students, and they are all available for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. It is worthwhile to apply for the Fully Funded scholarship programs that no longer require an IELTS score. This scholarship also covers all program expenses for the duration of the program.

Some of you are already aware of these Scholarships without IELTS, while others are not. I also learned about some List of Scholarships in 2023 that do not require IELTS and have added them to this list. I spent a long time researching and creating this Scholarship Calendar. The complete list of scholarships available in 2023 (without and with IELTS) is provided below.

List of Scholarships in 2023 (Without IELTS & With IELTS)

It includes all types of Fully Funded OpportunitiesUndergraduate programs, exchange programs, Graduate Programs, female scholarships, women scholarships, and other programs as well.

I have made a table that consists of the name of the scholarship opportunity, whether IELTS is required or not, and who can apply.

List of Scholarships in 2023 Table Without IELTS and With IELTS

SeptemberDAAD GermanyBS/MS/Ph.D./ ExchangeIELTS/TOEFL needed
UGRADUndergrad studentsAge 25 years  or lessNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
InternationalPeace Scholarship  (U.S./Canada)MS degree seekingWomen onlyAdmissionacceptancerequired
OctoberErasmus Mundus  ProgramMS degree seekingIELTS only
CheveningMS degree seekingNoIELTS/TOEFL
Harvard Belford  center fellowshipsSelect programsRequirements  vary
NovemberCommonwealthMS/PhDRequirements  vary
HungaryBS/MS/PhDIELTS/TOEFL in few schools
VanierPhD degree  seekingIELTS/TOEFL
DecemberTech WomenWomen in STEMNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
SUSIUndergrad studentsAge 18 -25,  Policymaking and  leadershipNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
CEEAge 21 – 28,  community  leaderNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Sister to SisterAge 18 – 24,  women onlyNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Tech GirlsHigh school  studentsAge 15 – 17,  women onlyNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Austria GrantsBS/MS/PhD/ PostdocNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Vienna Summer  SchoolExchangeprogram for Biosciences majorsNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
AustriaISTernshipExchange for  BS or MSstudentsNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Fall admissiondeadlines in U.S.  and CanadaBS/MS/PhDRequirements  vary by  university
JanuaryTurkey BurslariBS/MS/PhDIELTS/TOEFL  in some  schools
ItalianGovernmentMS/PhDNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Malaysian GovtMS/PhDIELTS/TOEFL  OR Degreeswith English as  the medium of  instruction
Agha KhanFoundationScholarshipMS, Age under 30Requirements  vary
FebruaryAustralian AwardMS/PhDIELTS/TOEFL  needed
British councilscholarship forwomen in STEMMS/Post PhDfellowship Women inSTEM onlyIELTS/TOEFL  needed
Swedish InstituteMSNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
YEE TurkishSummer schoolTurkish language exchange programNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Rotary PeacefellowshipMS, CertificateNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
MarchFulbrightMS/PhDBoth TOEFL  & GRE
LOTVirtual exchange in  leadershipNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
HumpheryPostdocNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
MayRhodesMS/PhDIELTS/TOEFL  and minimum  3.7 CGPA
JulyIAEA MarieCurie fellowshipWomen only,  MS, Nuclear  fieldUniversityadmissionrequired
AugustSwissgovernmentPhDExchange/Ph D/PostdocNoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
YESHigh school  studentsAge 15 – 17NoIELTS/TOEFL /GRE
Knight-Hennessy  Scholars ProgramMS/PhDIELTS/TOEFL  and GRE
AAUWInternationalfellowship forwomenMS/PhD/Pos tdoc(Womenonly)IELTS/TOEFL
Open allyearElizabethGreenshieldsGrant CanadaBS arts onlyNoIELTS/TOEFL
VariousdeadlinesMarie CurieActionsPhD/PostdocRequirements  vary

More Scholarships Without IELTS | List of Scholarships in 2023

I have also found other scholarship programs without IELTS while making this post, so could not add to the table. However, the names of those scholarships are:

You Can Apply: Top Fully Funded Masters Scholarships for International Students 2023

Why I Made this List?

It was easy for me as well as for my readers so they can check and read all details in one post and they can find scholarships without IELTS under one roof.

I will keep adding more scholarships that are available without IELTS for international students. So, kindly please keep following our blog and regularly visit this post to check if something new is added.

We are Thankful to “Sara Sultan Aqib” for sharing this Data. Please share this post might be someone looking for this.

Conclusion: So, we have Published a Proper list of Scholarship Programs that contains scholarships without IELTS and with IELTS. This Calendar will help many students to keep a record of scholarship programs that are without IELTS.

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