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Viral Marketing Free Online Course 2023

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Do you want to learn more about digital marketing? We have the ideal opportunity for you! The University of Pennsylvania is offering a Viral Marketing Free Online Course that will help you plan better strategies for marketing your products, businesses, and ideas.

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing? We have the ideal opportunity for you! The University of Pennsylvania is offering a Viral Marketing Free Online Course and how to create contagious content for people all over the world. The online course is completely free and is designed to help young people improve their marketing skills in this competitive world. The main goal of this online course is to develop an individual’s skills, and when used correctly, ideas will flourish and products will stand out.

This course will assist an individual with his or her products, brand, or ideas by emphasizing viral marketing and efficient businesses. Furthermore, the course will assist candidates in increasing their market influence and generating positive word of mouth, which is an important factor in the spread of an idea or product. In addition, the course teaches the applicant how to effectively use resources, such as social media platforms, which play an important role in promoting businesses and ideas.

This in-depth course will introduce students to the fascinating world of social influence and the factors that contribute to the spread of ideas, products, and behaviors. Learners understand why some things catch on while others don’t through a scientific investigation of the power of word-of-mouth, social networks, and the six key principles. By the end of the marketing course, students will be able to analyze the success of popular products, ideas, and services and use these insights to increase the likelihood of their own ideas catching on.

Professor Jonah Berger will teach a free online marketing course that will include principles from his best-selling book ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On.’ By the end of this course, a person will have a better understanding of the marketing world and which factors tend to attract more audiences.

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Details about the Viral Marketing Free Online Course

Country: Online

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Eligibility Criteria

Are you also interested in learning to make contagious content and do viral marketing to reach out to potential costumers and clients? Register for the free online course to learn more about viral marketing, but before that, read the criteria.

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Viral Marketing Free Course Registration Criteria

  • The free online course on marketing is open for all countries.
  • There is no gender, nationality or educational background restrictions.
  • Individuals from any academic background can register for this viral marketing course.
  • You must have interest to learn about marketing and creating contagious content.

Benefits Of Viral Marketing Free Online Course

You must be thinking about why you should register for this free online course to learn marketing. Scholarships Ranking has listed some of the benefits below.

Benefits of Viral Marketing Free Course

  • No registration charges.
  • Anyone can apply for a free online course on marketing.
  • The course will be a plus point to your CV.
  • The course is self-paced; you can learn according to time availability.
  • Learn new skills which are practically useful.
  • The course will help boosts business ideas.
  • Helps plan better strategies for marketing of products, businesses and ideas.
  • Helps increase an individual’s reach via social media networking.
  • You can receive a certificate by upgrading your plan and paying the fee; financial assistance is also available.

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How To Apply For Viral Marketing Free Online Course

  • Visit the apply now link to register for the free marketing course.
  • First of all, register yourself on the learning platform.
  • Then click on enroll now and check the course outline and start from lesson one right away.

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